EDUCATION - Trainings & Internships

EDUCATION - Trainings & Internships

We have internship oppurtunities for students who are looking for a career in web technology and App development.We also provide traning through our programmes- rockcode and codeup .For further information ,please do visit our website

A little more about our training programme-Rockcode

Here at rockcode we provide you with an opportunity of a lifetime to learn coding like never before .This 45 day training course will ensure that we turn you into a successful developer through our methods of preparation, explanation, observation and supervision.


  • DESIGNING (Front end)-HTML,CSS,JS,Bootstrap
  • M.A.D(mobile application development)-phone-gap,android

What makes us DIFFERENT?

Let's get one thing straight. We have NOT chosen the city's top experts who are certified best in their field to train you. We believe that programming can be taught effectively only by professional and passionate developers who have had previous experience creating live projects.Please do read the feedback given by our previous batch to know us better.

Whats in it for you?

  • Certification from IIM Ahmedabad and Startup Oasis
  • One year free subscription to cloud based IDE
  • Joy of being a successful coder.. which is, of course, priceless.